“I worked with Gayle for several sessions. She created an environment of trust, respect and safety. She helped me work through some significant professional and personal challenges which have now become manageable. Her calm demeanour provides a great deal of reassurance and her manner will continue to serve as a role model for me in how to be in conversation and in relationship with others. I would recommend Gayle as Coach to any professional who needs guidance to review accomplishments, determine goals and set priorities.”

- L.B.

There are those moments in life that seem to define us, to bring out the very best in us, when we are the most impactful, powerful and confident. The goal of my coaching is to assist you in connecting to your best self so that every moment in your life is a defining moment.

  • Do you want to grow and develop as a leader?
  • Do you need a safe and confidential environment where you can really explore the opportunities and challenges you face?
  • Do you want clarity of purpose, direction and decision-making?
  • Do you want to discover the assumptions, values, beliefs, and attitudes that can either serve you in reaching your goals or get in your way?
  • Do you need to improve key relationships, enhance your communication style, or work through some difficult conflict situations?
  • Are you committed to your own development?
  • Are you open to new ways of thinking and doing?
  • Are you prepared to be self-reflective and engage in focused, meaningful conversation about your goals and dreams?
  • Are you willing to take the next step and move from talk to action?

If so, I’d love to talk with you about how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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