GayleFrom my resume you may notice that I have had a rich and diverse career path.  Currently, in addition to my coaching practice, I am the Executive Director of the Centre for Conflict Resolution International, a conflict management consulting company that my husband founded. And, together with my husband, I  am co-author of the book Conflict is for the Birds: Understanding Your Conflict Management Style.

I’ve been a high school teacher, a program administrator, and a director of a not-for-profit. I’ve been a choir director, a mediator, and a sessional lecturer in Conflict and Communication. I am also an entrepreneur, a speaker, and an author.

You might also notice, from checking out my resume, that  some themes  run through my winding career path:

I am an avid and life-long learner. I believe in challenging myself, I am intensely curious about people and the world around me, and I love to pass on what I’ve learned along the way.

I am a leader, not a follower. I’ve learned that the ability to build positive relationships and communicate my vision to others are the two most critical ingredients to success as a leader.

“Gayle is wonderful in helping you look ‘in the mirror’ through her use of humour, silence, and powerful questions. She provides a safe and constructive space to move forward on issues with.”

- L.B.

I am creative. Whether it’s music, writing, speaking, or developing training programs, my personal creativity comes out in everything I do.

What you might not know about me from my resume:

I have a great sense of humor. One of the biggest stressors in life is taking ourselves too seriously. And one of the greatest ways to connect with others is through laughter.

I am an eternal optimist, especially when it comes to people. I believe that we all want to be happy – at work and at home. And we all have what it takes to find that inner contentment and satisfaction. Sometimes we just need a little help to make changes in our lives so that we can get there.

People tell me that I have a calming presence. It’s probably because I come to coaching believing that people can achieve whatever they set out to achieve. And because my coaching is all about increasing personal awareness, expanding your choices, and deepening trust in yourself.

As much as I love coaching, my most favorite thing to do is spend time with my husband and two young adult children.

Coaching is a powerful partnership. I invite you to contact me by phone or email so that we can discuss your goals for coaching and my approach to coaching to see if there’s a fit.

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