What does a typical coaching engagement look like?

The coaching engagement will be structured according to your needs.

Executive Coaching is typically a 6 month engagement that can be renewed or extended as desired. Meetings are either in person, by phone, or a combination.

Our initial meeting, where we’ll get to know each other, define your goals, and develop a contract for our coaching relationship, will be 1.5 to 2 hours in length. After that, we’ll meet approximately 2 to 3 times per month for an hour at a time.

The agenda for these meetings is determined by you, the client. As your coach, I may request that you complete homework such as readings, writing assignments, personal assessments, and the like that arise from the agenda that you bring to our meetings.

At the conclusion of the coaching engagement we will engage in a closure exercise to reflect on the coaching process and assess your progress towards your goals. This will also be an opportunity for you to determine next steps in your ongoing journey as a leader.

Developmental Coaching is typically a 3 to 6 month engagement.

Our initial meeting is usually an intensive 1 or 2 day in-person session so that we can “jumpstart” the learning and change agenda. This is generally followed by weekly one hour sessions either by phone or in person. These weekly sessions may taper off as the coaching engagement proceeds depending on the coachee’s needs and progress.

Because Developmental Coaching is generally sponsored by someone else in the organization (the coachee’s manager or supervisor, HR, etc.) I will also check in periodically with the sponsor to determine ongoing needs and/or requirements. It should be noted, however, that all coaching sessions are confidential. I will not divulge any content of these coaching sessions to the sponsor except under the express request and/or permission of the coachee.

Conflict and Crisis Coaching is typically a very immediate, short term engagement. The schedule, length, and format of our meetings will be determined by your requirements.

Executive Coaching

As an Executive, you know what it is to live a fast paced life. Your day is filled with competing demands and priorities, expectations and pressures, deadlines and bottom lines. How do you find time to get a big picture perspective of what you’re doing and why? When do you find time to figure out what comes next for you and start moving in that direction? How do you keep developing yourself as a leader while pursuing that ever-elusive work life balance?

Executive Coaching is your opportunity, in a confidential and safe environment, to focus on being the leader you want to be.

As your coach, I’ll ask you the tough questions, I’ll challenge you, I’ll keep you accountable, and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

I guarantee it will be the most purposeful and productive time in your work week!

“Gayle Oudeh is a highly skilled coach. She assisted me in establishing and managing a realistic work – life balance. Gayle also helped me to recognize and more fully exploit my strengths while building my confidence and enhancing my competency as a manager and as a leader of a complex organization. Her passion, honesty and experience enables Gayle to establish trust creating a perfect coaching environment which sets her apart from other executive coaches. I heartily recommend her services.”

- M.H.

Developmental Coaching

Do you have a manager or leader in your company who has a lot of potential but just isn’t performing at the level you expect? Are you working with someone who is technically proficient but whose lack of people skills is negatively impacting his/her career and your company? Do you have a manager or leader who currently isn’t where you need him/her to be in terms of teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, communication skills, or relationship building?

Developmental Coaching will help that manager or leader work to their full potential by developing strategies for addressing challenges and building the skills they need to meet your expectations and the requirements of their job.

As his/her coach, I will work with that manager or leader to build on his/her unique strengths and capabilities and help them find the motivation and courage to make the changes required to succeed.

“I really felt stuck in a rut and was at a loss about how to move forward. Gayle helped me to focus my goals, reframe my priorities and gain a fresh perspective on several issues I considered roadblocks in my life. I now have a renewed sense of hope and optimism about my ability to shape my own goals and future path. Through our sessions, Gayle equipped me with not only the personal confidence but also the resources to be able to do so.”

- J.C.

Conflict and Crisis Coaching

Have you been blindsided by conflicts or crises that you didn’t see coming? Are you finding the chaos all-consuming? Is it wrecking havoc on your productivity? Your effectiveness as a leader? Are you trying to work through the mess but the way out seems elusive?

Conflict and Crisis Coaching gives you an opportunity to examine the situation from another vantage point so that you can develop a solid plan for working through the difficulties and getting your business back on track.

As your coach, I have over 15 years of experience working with leaders and organizations experiencing conflict and working through crisis. I’ll share my knowledge and expertise to help you find opportunities for resolution in the midst of chaos.